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Training and Management Consulting Group (TMC Group) is an international business and sales consulting organization specializing in helping to train financial services firms to transition their business and evolve their sales culture to compete in a rapidly changing environment.  The methodology and workshops developed by TMC Group have proven to be successful in helping their clients and their sales teams to meet corporate objectives.  Over the past 20 years, TMC Group has worked with international and domestic banks, investment broker/dealers, and institutional/retail investment management companies around the world and trained over 20,000 financial professionals.

"Our Objective is to help our clients to develop a strong wealth management business and sales culture to grow and retain assets and increase profitability."


Mr. Townsend has had a successful and diverse career in the financial services industry that has allowed him to acquire a valuable and unique perspective on the business.  Prior to founding TMC Group, he was a top performing retail investment advisor, an institutional broker, national sales manager for a national brokerage firm, and principal and head of marketing and sales for a national independent broker/dealer with 400 financial advisors.  As a result of the knowledge and experience gained during his career, he was able to develop the strategy, methodology, and training that has been used successfully with TMC Group's clients.



Al Townsend

Alfred E. Townsend is the founder and President of Training and Management Consulting Group, Inc. (TMC Group).  Over the past twenty years, he has worked with investment firms, banks, and insurance companies around the world to help them to become more competitive in their markets and to improve the quality of their business.  His primary focus has been to work with organizations to develop their business strategies and provide training that enhances their sales practices and creates stronger, more profitable relationships with their clients.  To this end, Mr. Townsend has consulted with the leadership/management of numerous financial services firms to develop and implement their business strategies and has personally trained over 20,000 financial services professionals to enhance and expand their knowledge and skill sets to successfully execute against those strategies.





I met Al Townsend 19 years ago at an industry conference. A consummate professional,  Al kept in touch with me as my peers simultaneously shared accolades of his impact on their sales team transformation.  When the sales team I managed had a need for sales coaching, Al was the first person I called. This began a decade long business partnership which saw Al directly impact a successful adoption of his consultative sales process,  business processes and best practices. Al's influence was transformational, including:

  • 100% adoption of a new sales process by all sales professionals.
  • 50% increase of sales activity by external wholesalers and over 100% increase in activity for the inside sales team.
  • 100% adoption of an effective pipeline management strategy.
  • Al's tools and best practices directly influenced the most profitable new product launch of our company.


Al has a passion for sales strategy and growing sales talent, which is evident in the strong relationships he has developed over the years coaching sales management and field professionals across the country. A sincere and genuine business partner, Al's success is focused on your success. He is a collaborative, intuitive and motivated consultant who has earned the respect of sales professionals working with him. I would trust Al to consistently deliver increased performance and sales results to any sales organization.





I have known Al for over 16+ years and through that time he has done a lot of work with our advisors.

Our branch is composed of 75 advisors. I have been here since 1984.


Al has been instrumental in educating our advisors on several major topics:


  • How to manage money "as a portfolio manager does"
  • Investment philosophy & process development
  • Execution of process (systems and staff)
  • Where the industry is going
  • Gave us a preview years ago of what is happening today
  • General concepts of running better businesses
  • What advisors with billion dollar books are doing


Al is ranked as our #1 speaker by advisors – no ‘BS’ presentation style (appreciated by advisors)

  • Easy to understand
  • Substance to implement
  • Motivated by his message (things are changing)