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"In the absence of value, it will always come down to price."  This quote from Tom Peter's book “Re-imagine” has never been more relevant than today.  In a business environment that is highly regulated and being changed dramatically by technology, a race to zero for fees to manage money has started and clients are looking for real value.  The same old sales approaches are becoming less and less affective for advisors, wholesalers, and relationship managers to acquire and retain assets.

TMC Group has over 20 years experience working with financial firms to improve their sales effectiveness and evolve their sales cultures to help them remain competitive in the markets they serve.  Our experience and research working with clients allows us to advance their sales strategies by challenging the status quo.  The sales consulting that we do for each client's organization is done specific to the clients market segment and the products that they offer. We have extensive experience and expertise consulting with retail, institutional and wholesale sales organizations.

"Getting people to take action in their own best interest."




Our consulting team examines the strengths and weaknesses of an organization through communication with executives, management, support staff, and when appropriate, clients.





TMC Group examines the business purpose, culture, and performance of each client and, based on the results of that investigation, delivers individually tailored or unique custom programs to meet that client's special needs and business objectives.