Circle Mazes - What Maze Constructions are Possible ? — Do you maze? (2024)

Slide Arrow Maze - I lean no. Technically yes, but the complication of the slide feature make this complicated to follow. It certainly would be challenging to design and to solve ! How do you deal with a 45 degree angle ? It would need many walls if the center was the goal (which makes sense looks wise) because any arrow pointing in reached the center if no wall. Any 45 degree slide arrow angled in towards the center - same thing. If the goal was in a block (not the center)….hmmm. That’s better !

Block Move Maze - I lean no. Like the slide arrow, the circle shape makes it possible but confusing. Not confusing in a good way, but in an annoying way.

Color Grid Maze - I lean no. Same as above.

Puzzle Maze - Yes.

Number Maze - Yes.

Letter Maze - Yes.

Hidden Message Trail Maze - With some adjustments this becomes possible. Let the below example be a fill in for what a number, letter and hidden message trail maze would look like. To solve this one reach the goal after spelling the message “the circle of life”.

Obvious Yeses:

All of these are features that can be added to any maze:

Find Items Maze - Where a solver must find items in maze to solve the maze

Avoid Items Maze - Where a solver must avoid items in maze to solve the maze. Essentially the items become extra walls in the maze.

Go and Return Maze - The solver must reach a point in the maze then return to the start (which is now the goal). Sometimes they must use a new pathway than the “go” to return.

Dual Entrance/ Exit Maze - The solver chooses which is the start and which is the goal

Object as Goal Maze - Instead of finding the exit of a maze, the goal is to get to an internal object.

Warp Zone Maze - A feature in a maze that allows the solver to jump around the maze.

Mixed Section Maze - Using multiple constructions to make a maze.

Racing Maze - Yes. You can race with any type of maze.

Unsolvable Maze - a maze with no solution is possible for any type of maze construction.

Depth Maze / 3D Maze - this is a feature that can be added to any maze, including a circle maze.

Free Drawn Maze - Yes. You can free draw any type of maze. Drawing a circle by hand is hard !! Have you ever tried it ?

Cut Thru Maze - Maybe this isn’t obvious, but you can ‘cut-thru’ any shape to make a maze.

Horizontal/Vertical Circular Maze - A circle shape with pathway lines moving vertical or horizontal. Yes. From a design standpoint it doesn’t fit well, but it is possible.

The Yeses:

Standard Maze / Standard Equal Maze - Yes.

Kids Maze - Yes. A smaller version of all the workable mazes that is easy enough for kids.

Spiral Maze - While my version of a spiral maze uses the square version this is where a circular version is actually preferred !

Maze Art - Yes to circular objects. The Moon and Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center are 2 examples I have made of circular Maze Art.

Draw and Cut Maze - Yes. Each of the mazes noted above were made using this method. For a plain simple circle there would be nothing to “cut”, but I still lean yes.

Pod Maze - Yes. Any shape works for a pod maze. Here is an example of triangles and a central circle using a standard maze construction.

Math Additional Trail Maze - Yes, but a bit complicated.

Pipes Maze - Yes, but have you seen circular pipes ? Bends, yes, but circular ? You can make the overall look of the entire maze circular, but not the pipes.

The No’s:

Mobile Maze - Not really possible. A mobile maze is one formatted to fit on a mobile phone. Unless a circle can be long and skinny (and that would be an oval, not a circle)…it is not possible.

Line Leads Maze - Most Line leads mazes have no structure. You could put a line leads maze into a circle, but why would you ?

Name Maze - Technically you can make your name in a circle or using a circular font, but it seems like that is just making it complicated for no reason, and it may not be readable. So, not really.

Hidden Message Maze - If you can’t make a name maze, then no here also.


33 - Yes

5 - Yes, But

7 - No.

So generally you can make almost all maze types in a circular construction with some adjustments. Some you can make, but they don’t fit the shape well. And 7 are just a no it does not make sense.

Happy mazing !

Circle Mazes - What Maze Constructions are Possible ? — Do you maze? (2024)
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