JKO DHA Employee Safety Course — I Hate CBT's (2024)

Which of the following establishes how safety regulations apply specifically to the army?

AR 385-15, the safety program

Employees participate in safety promotion and awareness in all of the following ways except

Conducting accident investigations

What is the purpose of the Army's Risk Management (RM) five-step process

Identifying hazards and controlling risk

Which of the following directly represents how employees can support the Program Management function of the army safety program

Not (review safety posters and other campaign materials.)

Employees most directly support the inspections and assessments function of the Army Safety Program by

Not (reviewing safety posters and other campaign material

What is the focus of the hazard analysis and countermeasures function of the Army Safety Program?

Collecting, reviewing, and analyzing data to identify safety trends

How can employees directly support the Hazard Analysis and Countermeasures function of the Army Safety Program?

Make suggestions to increase workplace safety

Which of the following are key factors that can serve as framework to help you isolate and address potential hazards?

Work environment, equipment used, and actions performed

Based on the OSHAct, which of the following is not an employee's right?

Choosing to miss a required safety training session

Based on the OSHAct, which of the following is not an employee's right?

Not (reviewing safety inspection results/reports)

Your supervisor has decided to have ypu backfill a forklift position at the warehouse while the regular operator is out on vacation. All of the following are your rights under the OSHAct except:

Directing another employee to complete the work for you

As a lab tech at the base hospital, you have seen fellow employees routinely trip over the cord to a diagnostic machine. You would like to report this hazard to your supervisor, but are concerned he might be angry with you if you do so. Do you have

Yes, you can report the hazard and request an inspection anonymously

Which of the following, by OSHAct, is an employee's right during a safety inspection

Observe or paticapate in the saftey process

Under the OSHAct, what are your rights with regard to the review of medical records, test results, and accident/illness reports?

NOT ( you may only see your own results and reports related to your own injuries)

Under the OSHAct, employees have a right to receive safety training on all of the following, EXCEPT:

Specialized equipment they do not currently use

Which statement is not a responsibility that an employee should exercise when protecting themselves?

Employees have leeway tp decide whether specified PPE is necessary.

Of the following, which is not an employee responsibility for ensuring a safe and healthful workplace?

Conducting a formal safety inspection

Employee responsibilities to ensure a safe and healthful workplace include all of the following EXCEPT:

Establishing policy and procedures

If an employee experiences a work-related injury, what should he/she do?

Report the injury to the employer and seek treatment promtly.

What is the federal regulatory basis for safety and health requirements in Army workplaces?

Not (AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program)

where can we learn more about the army safety program?

AR 385-10 details the army safety program and

which of your employee safety and health rights apply when working with unfamiliar possibly dangerous equipment?

right to request additional training on workplace hazard would apply when working with unfamiliar equipment

which of your employee safety and health right is applicable in the event of workplace injury?

right to report a work-related injury would apply in the event of a workplace injury

what are your OSHA health and safety rights during an offical investigation?

OSHA provides employees the right to participate in the investigation and to speak with the investigator in private

do your employee safety and health rights allow you to view OSHA notices issued to your employer?

OSHA guarantees employees the right to view any citations issued to their workplace. These notices should be posted in a place where employees can see it.

Do you know what other documents your OSHA employee rights guarantee you access to?

you are guaranteed access to your medical records, test that measure hazards in the workplace

What should Natasha do if she's behind on prep, but scheduled for forklift safety training?

Take forklift training prior to operating the forklift

Does everyone have the right to join the safety committee?

employees have the right to paricipate in safety and health committees.

Hypothetically, what should you do if, at the start of the shift, you notice the personal protective gloves have holes in them and have dry rotted?

report manager and replace your gloves before you begin any work that requires PPE to be worn

Doesn't the responsibility of workplace safety fall on the employer?

safety is the responsibility of employer and employees within the Army safety Program.

Do you know which employee right would apply to situation like this?

employees have a right to a safe workplace

if someone had found this exposed wire, which of their OSHA employee rights would apply?

it is the employee's right to raise a safety or health concern with their employer or OSHA

could the employee contact OSHA?

the employee has the right to file a complaint with OSHA that will result in an inspection of their workplace

if you use your rights, what's to stop my boss from retaliating like stopping me from getting promoted?

employees have the right to file a complaint with OSHA within 30 days if they've been retaliated against for exercising their rights.

JKO DHA Employee Safety Course  — I Hate CBT's (2024)
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