Oral-B Genius X Review (2024)

Offering strong cleaning ability and a convenient app, this device mostly hits the mark as long as you don't have sensitive gums

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Oral-B Genius X

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Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100

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Philips One

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Aquasonic Black Series

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$199.99 at Amazon
$100 List
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$50 List
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Bottom LineThis model is a good option if your primary concern is cleaning, and you don't mind the high priceNearly flawless, this model offers everything you need with minimal drawbacksInexpensive yet fully capable, this electric toothbrush is a solid choice for just about everyoneAn inexpensive minimalist toothbrush with a long-lasting battery that cleans wellAffordable, effective, and user-friendly — this device offers value with good cleaning and extra brush heads
Rating CategoriesOral-B Genius XPhilips Sonicare Pr...Philips Sonicare 4100Philips OneAquasonic Black Series
Cleaning (40%)






Comfort (30%)






Ease of Use (20%)






Battery Life (10%)






SpecsOral-B Genius XPhilips Sonicare Pr...Philips Sonicare 4100Philips OneAquasonic Black Series
Measured Battery Life16 days46 days49.5 days30 days31 days
Pressure SensorYesYesYesNoNo
Number of Brushing Modes6 modes:
Daily Clean, Pro Clean, Sensitive, 3D White, Gum Care, and Tongue Clean
3 modes:
Gum Care
1 mode:
2 sensivity levels
1 mode:
4 modes:
Clean, Soft, Whiten, Massage
Estimated Annual Brush Head Cost$39.99 for (1) four pack$44.96 for (1) four pack$44.96 for (1) four pack$15.92 for (2) two packs$19.90 for (2) two packs
Charger or Battery Info110 - 130V 50/60Hz / 0.9W100 - 240V a.c.
0.4 - 1.4W
(block not included)
USB100 - 240VA
0.8 - 1.6W
American Dental Association accepted?YesNot ListedNot ListedNot ListedYes
Waterproof / ResistantYes, can use in showerYes, can use in showerYes, can use in showerNo, cannot be used in the showerYes, can use in shower
Number of Brush Head Styles Available98 styles, most available in 2 colors8 styles, most available in 2 colors1 style available in multiple colors3
Number of Included Brush Heads21118
Thirty Second ReminderYesYesYesYesYes
Two Minute AlertYesYesYesYesYes
Travel Case IncludedYesYesNoYesYes
Measured Handle Weight4.6 oz4.4 oz3.2 oz1.4 oz3.6 oz
Available Colors32341

Cleaning performance is the top priority for any electric toothbrush, and the Oral-B Genius X does it well, even if it is a little harsh on the gums. Our testers subjected this device to a gauntlet of different tests to ensure it meets your expectations.

Performance Comparison


We conducted a comprehensive series of tests to thoroughly evaluate each electric toothbrush. To gauge cleaning effectiveness, we had each tester chew a plaque-disclosing tablet, revealing buildup in bright pink. This allowed us to assess how well each device performed in plaque removal, capturing before and after photos for evaluation. Prior to showing testers the results, we sought their input on how clean their teeth felt. Our testing didn't conclude there. We introduced an additional visual test, utilizing an artificial dental model. We applied a mixture of coffee grounds and pesto (selected for its messiness) across the model and set a timer for one minute to evaluate the efficiency of each brush.

Oral-B Genius X Review (11)

Starting out strong, the Oral-B Genius X scored very well here, with the testers reporting a very smooth and clean feeling and managing to remove all the visible plaque. With a great performance, it was difficult to fault it. It also excelled with our dental model, effectively cleaning the artificial teeth with no leftover debris.

Oral-B Genius X Review (12)


This metric encompasses factors such as the feel of the brush head and the assessment of various power levels to ensure there is no discomfort. We also evaluated the overall sound profile of each brush, noting if it is too loud or if the distinct frequency is grating.

Oral-B Genius X Review (13)

The Oral-B Genius X handle is compatible with seven different types of Oral-B brush heads: Gentle Clean, CrossAction, FlossAction, 3D White, Sensitive, Deep Sweep, and Dual Clean. This versatility is great if you're transitioning from a different model and already have compatible brush heads. However, during our evaluation, we found that this specific device paired with the provided brush head tends to be somewhat aggressive on the gums. While it does provide a sensitive mode, we believe it could be gentler overall. This device features a pressure sensor, making it ideal for those with a heavy hand, as it can detect excessive pressure during brushing. As a part of this, the Smart Ring around the handle lights up red to alert you; however, in practice, we found it to be inconsistent. We also noted that the mechanical sound was disruptive, measuring a rather loud 82 decibels from just 3 inches away.

Ease of Use

If you're transitioning from a manual toothbrush to an electric one, it's crucial to ensure that the chosen device isn't needlessly complicated to operate. That's why we include this metric in our evaluation. We assess the number of modes each brush offers and how straightforward it is to navigate them. Additionally, we evaluate the ease of cleaning for both the handle and brush head and check for convenient features such as a two-minute timer. Lastly, we consider whether the device includes storage for extra brush heads and its waterproof capabilities.

Oral-B Genius X Review (15)

With the Oral-B Genius X, you have access to six modes: Daily Clean, Pro Clean, Sensitive, 3D White, Gum Care, and Tongue Clean. Switching between these modes is easy with a secondary button, and icons illuminate to signify the current mode in use. Unfortunately, you can't switch modes when the power is off, but you can see which mode it's in by pressing the same secondary button. This model is compatible with the Oral-B app, offering valuable information for optimizing your brushing sessions. The app provides feedback on how well you're brushing each quadrant in real time.

Oral-B Genius X Review (16)

While cleaning the brush isn't overly difficult, it requires some effort as the rubberized sections on the handle can accumulate gunk. Additionally, during testing, we noticed that the two holes in the brush head can be prone to leaking while in use. It's not the best performance for Oral-B, but it's not abysmal either.

Oral-B Genius X Review (17)

Battery Life

To accurately determine overall battery life, we used each brush for four minutes daily to simulate real-world usage. Additionally, we investigated useful features such as how each brush indicates low battery, considering options like an indicator light, specific vibration, or a combination of both.

Oral-B Genius X Review (18)

We managed to squeeze 16 days of battery life out of the Oral-B Genius X, which is not leading the pack by any means. It should prove somewhat sufficient for a variety of users, but if you're looking for the most power-efficient device, this is not it. Thankfully, it's super easy to see how much juice you have left, indicated by three bars that illuminate the current battery level. Once you get down to the red, the power of the brush is reduced.

Oral-B Genius X Review (19)

Should You Buy the Oral-B Genius X?

Considering its overall stellar cleaning performance, endorsing this model would be easy. However, it is marred by several drawbacks in nearly every other test, preventing us from wholeheartedly recommending it, especially given its price. This is not to say it's a bad device, but at this cost and compared to the top performers, it doesn't quite measure up.

What Other Electric Toothbrushes Should You Consider?

The Oral-B iO Series 9 is a bit pricier but surpasses it in nearly every aspect. The Series 9 pairs to the Oral-B app for live feedback as you brush. If you're not seeking a significant investment, the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 is a more cost-effective option that performs exceptionally across the board.

Oral-B Genius X Review (2024)
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